Oil and Gas

Pipe Bending, Manufacturing and Fabrication for the Oil and Gas Industry

Kubes Steel has many services to offer the oil and gas industry.

Pipe Bending (Cold) and Induction Bending (Hot)

Kubes Steel has a full range of machinery for bending pipe. Our pyramid rolling machines, and rotary draw bending machines are perfect for bending pipe cold. For clients looking for perfect, tight, smooth bends, our induction bending machine has you covered. A small section of pipe is heated using an induction process, while a bending force is applied and the material is slowly fed through the machine. Induction bent pipe is great for pipe bending projects where zero compression of the material is required.

Our in-house fabrication facilities and 40+ years experience also makes us the idea choice for other products as well including:

Pipe and Spool Manufacturing

Modular Pipe Skid Fabrication

Oil & Gas Projects

Kubes Steel’s testing and certification service means you can rest assured that your job will be done to your exact specifications and parts will be received ready to use. We recently engineered and built this custom 16′ x 16′ platform to test 53′ long custom articulating fabrications weighing 53,000 lbs.

Large section of pipe bent to a tight radius on the Kubes Steel Induction Bender

Project Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 2017