Abrasion Resistant Wear Plates

Kubes Steel is your source for custom size wear plates in North America.

Protect your machinery with abrasion resistant overlay wear plates.

What is an Abrasion Resistant Wear Plate?

A protective layer for machinery or parts exposed to abrasion, erosion or impact. Wear plates are typically made of Chromium Carbide, a corrosion resistant ceramic compound which is extremely hard and retains it’s strength at high temperatures. These properties make it an excellent choice as a protective layer in industries including heavy duty construction, materials handling, mining, cement, energy, and more.

Kubes Steel provides abrasion resistant wear plate overlay in any custom size and shape to meet your needs. We stock several of the best selling types of chromium carbide overlay wear plate in the world and maintain one of the largest inventories of plate, welding wires and electrodes in North America.

Our Value Added Services Include:

  • 5 Axis CNC Plasma Arc Cutting
  • CNC programming and Nesting to minimize scrap losses
  • Custom Rolling, Forming & Bending
  • Bevels and Countersinks
  • Production Runs

With over 30 years of experience forming chromium carbide alloys and other difficult to form wear resistant materials; you can be assured you have maximized your design potential and that you will receive accurate components formed to fit your application.

Whether you are a distributor, manufacturer, fabricator or end user, whatever the application; we can provide you with quality abrasion resistant wear plate that has been cut, beveled, countersunk or formed and ready to use.

To get your industrial equipment protected and for quick, no hassle wear solutions for your next project, fill out our contact form, call Kubes Steel at 1-866-203-8904 or email us your drawings or sketches.

Kubes Steel provided custom fabrication services for this 26,500 LB Slurry Containment unit for our customer in the metals industry. After fabricating the shell, the interior was lined with carbide plate to withstand the abrasive slurry.