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Kubes Steel offers the most comprehensive range of technology, equipment and capacity to roll, form and bend steel sectionstubingpipechannelangle and HSS in North America.  Rolling, Forming & Bending is what we are known for and what we do best.  Explore our work below or Contact Us today to start your quote.

North America’s Service Centre for Rolling, Steel Bending & Forming.

  • Structural – Section Rolling & Bending

  • Plate Rolling

  • Rotary Draw Bending

  • Induction Bending

  • Brake Press

  • Stretch Forming

Why Kubes?


The technology used by Kubes to roll, form and bend metal is among the most advanced of its’ kind in the world. Through research and development and global intellectual partnerships, we have developed techniques and tooling to virtually eliminate distortion in most curved and bent sections. Our technologies include 3 and 4 roll pyramid rolling, draw bending, mandrel rolling and bending, conventional and progressive brake bending and stretch bending and forming.


Kubes is the largest provider of structural and section rolling services in Canada. Our capacity ranges from North America’s smallest and most accurate to structural sections up to 40″ in depth and tubular products such as pipe up to 42″ in diameter. Any order, any size; we treat every application with the same critical importance. Kubes products and services have been incorporated in many of North America’s most impressive projects.


Kubes Steel is certified to the ISO 9001-2015 standard. Each component of every order is individually signed off on by the operator. We aspire to build quality as part of our corporate culture.


At Kubes “Where Service is  Still Personal” is more than just a slogan.  During normal business hours, a live person will answer the phone. We have our own truck fleet to offer the quickest possible delivery.  We know our customers have choices and we want them to choose us.

Rolling, Forming & Bending Projects:

Kubes Steel recently completed the contract fabrication project for these custom support sections. We finished rolling and bending the various parts from 1 ¼” plate before welding everything together. After final machining, these support sections are heading to the paint shop before shipping out for installation.

We recently provided the rolling / bending service for a large batch of custom steel channel sections. Kubes Steel created custom tooling to produce a repeatable process for these specialized custom rolled rail components. We specialize in any profile, including channel, tee, rail and angled. Contact us for a quote on custom fabrication, rolling or…

Project Date:
Monday, March 25, 2024

Kubes Steel is your one stop shop for custom metal rolling, bending and fabrication and we pride ourselves on the collaborative effort that goes into every project. Our multi-disciplinary workshop combines expertise in rolling, bending, fabrication, machining, vibratory stress relieving, mechanical assembly, quality assurance, inspection and painting. Kubes Steel has a long history of delivering…

Safety is our top priority at Kubes Steel. When we recently produced these custom fabricated parts for the nuclear power industry in Ontario, Canada, our focus was on safety and meeting high quality standards. Supplying parts for nuclear power generation puts our ISO and ASME certifications to use ensuring safe, quality parts delivered on time…

Custom fabricated metal staircases are one of our specialties at Kubes Steel. Working with designers to balance aesthetics with function, Kubes Steel can fabricate many types of staircases, including straight, spiral, L shaped, U shaped, multi floor and more. To allow for ease of shipping, installation and maintenance, our custom staircases feature modular construction. We…

Bending Hollow Structural Sections (HSS) to a tight radius with low material distortion is one of Kubes Steel’s specialties thanks to our experienced craftspeople and our in house induction bender. We recently completed the custom bending service on these 14″ by 10″ rectangular hollow structural sections to a precise 90°. Induction bending was used to…

Kubes Steel specializes in crafting custom staircases using the latest technology in induction bending. Induction bending allows us to create curves and angles that were previously impossible, giving our staircases a unique and striking appearance. Our skilled craftsmen take pride in creating stunning and functional monumental staircases that are tailored to meet the needs and…

Kubes Steel recently completed custom rolling of the large diameter structural support pipe sections for this majestic curved staircase. Having architecturally exposed structural steel (AESS) pipe as the “stringers” for this staircase adds a unique, stand out quality. A modular design for this staircase means it was fabricated in sections which can be easily reassembled…

Kubes Steel specializes in fabricating custom staircase solutions and parts. We provided the rolling and bending service for the stringers used in this custom double sided feature staircase for a building foyer. Custom made parts are our specialty at Kubes Steel. We turn drawings into precise finished pieces which can be dropped in at the…

We take pride in our work and in delivering value to our customers. In the summer of 2021, Kubes Steel engaged with a major steel producer in the Hamilton area of Southern Ontario to custom fabricate a fume hood for one of their production lines. The job was successfully completed and delivered at the end…