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Kubes Steel is cold rolling the AESS pipe sections for the "ring" portion and fabricating the central column of the sun shade canopy for the new Bandshell park in North Beach, Miami, FL. The sections are fabricated and fitted in our shop, then shipped to site for final assembly. The full diameter of the ring is 60' and our work must be accurate to 1/16" across all pieces. The completed column of 24" schedule 80 pipe will stand 32' above the ground, providing support for the canopy ring surrounding it via cable stays.

Kubes Steel custom fabricated this large steel cylinder, also known as a "Shell" for use in a Rotary Drum Dryer. Inside the shell, "Flights" are welded to the sides which ensure even movement and drying of material.

This combustion tube was custom fabricated by Kubes Steel to strict tolerances. The tube is 26' long with the shape held at a diameter of 77" on each end. Made of mild steel, the tube will be coated with a ceramic lining before going into service. 

Kubes Steel is your one stop shop for fabrication. We provided all the services needed to fabricate this 30 ton heavy industrial lift ring, including connector fittings, cold bending and welding. All pieces are load tested in the shop and will be delivered to the customer ready to assemble.

The new arches of the Burgoyne Bridge erected in St Catharines, Ontario features 30" steel pipes that were bent by Kubes Steel.


Kubes Steel bent a series of long heavy pipes with a 30" diameter.

Project Date: 
Tuesday, March 1, 2016 to Thursday, March 31, 2016

A large, long section of tube for a pipeline gets bent using the induction bending method at the Kubes Steel rolling and bending shop.


Grand Staircases at the American Music Theatre in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Curved architectural staircase at Gettysburg College PA featuring rolled steel from Kubes Steel.

Kubes Steel did the steel section bending for the inside structure of the Stone Road Mall in Guelph, Ontario as well as the pipe bending for the outside steel awning.