Heavy Fabrication

Kubes Steel has a long, rich history of heavy fabrication and our manufactured work has made it as far south as South America.  Explore our resume below or contact us today to start your quote.

Heavy Fabrication Projects:

The custom fabrication job for these pipe assemblies required press brake work, plate rolling and welding to bring all the pieces together. After finishing at the paint booth, they will ship direct to the building site.

Kubes Steel is cold rolling the AESS pipe sections for the “ring” portion and fabricating the central column of the sun shade canopy for the new Bandshell park in North Beach, Miami, FL. The sections are fabricated and fitted in our shop, then shipped to site for final assembly. The full diameter of the ring…

Project Address
North Beach Bandshell
7275 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33141
United States
Project Date:
Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Kubes Steel is your one stop shop for custom fabrication. Here we’re working on another large scale fabrication job. These curved steel plates have had bracing and flanges installed after rolling.

Kubes Steel custom fabricated this large steel cylinder, also known as a “Shell” for use in a Rotary Drum Dryer. Inside the shell, “Flights” are welded to the sides which ensure even movement and drying of material.

Kubes Steel custom fabricated this heavy industrial door and it’s mounting frame to withstand extreme environments. Both pieces will be lined with an insulator, adhering to the welded nodes. The highest degree of quality and percision is required during fabrication to ensure these pieces will work safely and withstand their operating environment.

Project Date:
Wednesday, July 3, 2019

This combustion tube was custom fabricated by Kubes Steel to strict tolerances. The tube is 26′ long with the shape held at a diameter of 77″ on each end. Made of mild steel, the tube will be coated with a ceramic lining before going into service. 

Kubes specializes in custom fabrication jobs like this. As a full service shop, we were able to take the drawings and deliver the finished pieces. These Slag Runner sections were fully assembled in our yard to ensure a seamless fit before delivery.

Kubes Steel is your one stop shop for fabrication. We provided all the services needed to fabricate this 30 ton heavy industrial lift ring, including connector fittings, cold bending and welding. All pieces are load tested in the shop and will be delivered to the customer ready to assemble.

At Kubes Steel, custom fabrication is our specialty. We can make almost anything you can imagine. Our wide range of equipment enabled our skilled operators to fabricate this Gas Flare Stack completely in-house, including delivery of the finished piece.

These heavy steel frames will be used to hold customizable modular components. Kubes Steel performed the fabrication and welding services and we deliver the completed frames directly to the job site.

Project Date:
Wednesday, April 10, 2019