Testing & Certification

Kubes Steel’s background in custom fabrication for Energy, Architectural and Structural Steel markets means we know that parts have to meet load specifications and fit right the first time.


Over the years, we developed our own in house Quality Assurance, Testing and Certification teams, complete with our own custom made tools and test platforms.


We can provide several types of custom testing and part verification as required at our dedicated and secure facility, including to industry certifications. We custom make test equipment as needed for each job and specialize in:

Hydrostatic Testing:
Hydrostatic Testing is a process used to inspect equipment such as cylinders, storage tanks and piping assemblies, through use of a hydrostatic test pump. The equipment is examined for leaks, and the overall integrity of the units are assessed, which ultimately determines whether the unit can safely hold the amount of pressure it is rated for.

Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT):
The stress of dealing with issues when equipment is built and operated the first time can be a real pain, especially if you are the one with the task of installation and start-up.  In order to get reassurance prior to receiving your equipment a Factory Acceptance Tests, or FATs, are conducted.  Performed at Kubes site prior to delivery and installation, these tests help to identify any issues and correct them prior to shipment.  Basically, the FAT is a “factory debug” to assure that when the system arrives on site, it should be able to be installed and get up and running quickly and smoothly.

Non-Destructive Testing:
Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) or Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) is term used for the examination of materials and components in such a way that allows materials to be examined without changing or destroying their usefulness. NDT or NDE can be used to find, size and locate surface and subsurface flaws and defects. Some of the NDT/NDE that is performed at Kubes Steel includes:
• Visual Inspection
• Liquid Penetrant Inspection
• Magnetic Particle Inspection
• Eddy Current Inspection
• Ultrasonic Inspection
• Radiographic Inspection

Generally, these inspections are carried out by our customers preferred third party Certified Inspectors.

Load Testing:
For clients in need of comprehensive information of their structures, Kubes provides accurate, details through a variety of load testing capabilities.
• Static and fatigue load testing
• Cyclic load testing methods, including pull-down and push-down methods

Trial Fit Testing:
Many of the structures/assemblies Kubes manufactures are too large for shipping in one piece. Each project is carefully planned to allow for the most cost-effective approach of this process. The trial fit assembly identifies and eliminates any problems should they exist prior to field assembly/erection. This process saves both time and money by ensuring a less time-consuming field installation.
Testing & Certification Projects:

Kubes Steel’s testing and certification service means you can rest assured that your job will be done to your exact specifications and parts will be received ready to use. We recently engineered and built this custom 16′ x 16′ platform to test 53′ long custom articulating fabrications weighing 53,000 lbs.