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Projects requiring an AESS (Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel) component are a Kubes Steel specialty.  Our expertise in custom fabricating, rolling and bending combine to allow us to manufacture projects from start to shipment to exact customer requirements.  Contact us today to start your quote on your AESS project.

Kubes Steel is cold rolling the AESS pipe sections for the "ring" portion and fabricating the central column of the sun shade canopy for the new Bandshell park in North Beach, Miami, FL. The sections are fabricated and fitted in our shop, then shipped to site for final assembly. The full diameter of the ring is 60' and our work must be accurate to 1/16" across all pieces. The completed column of 24" schedule 80 pipe will stand 32' above the ground, providing support for the canopy ring surrounding it via cable stays.

Kubes Steel did the rolling, bending and fabricating of the railing for this feature staircase.  Visit BMW North America in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey to see it for yourself!


Kubes Steel supplied the rolled pipe for the St. Patrick's Bridge project.  The St. Patrick's bridge is a 184 metre long cable stayed bridge conforming to AESS standards. It is a key part of the revitalization of St. Patricks Island in Calgary, AB.

Project Date: 
Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Architecturally exposed structural steel was rolled by Kubes Steel for the arches of the new Yankee stadium in New York, New York.


Rafaga Unleashed was a stainless steel metal sculpture fabricated by Kubes Steel and designed by Dam De Nogales.  The piece is one of Hamilton's finest examples of public art and is on permanent display at Pier 8 in Hamilton, Ontario.


Western Fairgrounds in London, Ontario featuring architecturally exposed structural steel (AESS) rolled by Kubes Steel.


AESS arches in Hess Village, Hamilton Ontario.  Rolled by Kubes Steel.