2024.02.20 – Ring Assembly For Hydro Power Generation

Kubes Steel is your one stop shop for custom metal rolling, bending and fabrication and we pride ourselves on the collaborative effort that goes into every project. Our multi-disciplinary workshop combines expertise in rolling, bending, fabrication, machining, vibratory stress relieving, mechanical assembly, quality assurance, inspection and painting.

Kubes Steel has a long history of delivering exceptional quality parts across North America that can be relied upon for critical infrastructure and services such as electrical power plants and electrical transmission systems. We recently delivered another custom component for our customer in the hydro power industry in this “Ring Assembly.” Made of steel, this ring is an integral part of hydroelectric power generation using water turbines. Our dedication to excellence ensures that every component meets the highest standards of performance and reliability.

No matter the size of your custom fabrication project, Kubes Steel delivers quality parts on time and in budget. At our workshop, innovation and teamwork converge to bring cutting-edge solutions to life. Contact us for a quote on rolling, bending, or custom fabrication project.


Tuesday, February 20, 2024